Last Men in Aleppo – Photo

Standing room only at Burning Books for our screening of Last Men in Aleppo on August 30th, 2017.

The Brigadiers – Photo

Two members of Syracuse’s The Brigadiers featured in Contemporary Color came out to watch the film with us at North Park Theatre on May 2nd, 2017.

A Touch of Zen – Photo

All set up in Dipson Theatres Amherst’s lobby for our screeningof A Touch of Zen on August 4th, 2016.

Doug Block – Photo

The Kids Grow Up director Doug Block with Cultivate Cinema Circle’s Jordan M. Smith and Jared Mobarak after the screening and Q&A at North Park Theatre on July 21st. Photo courtesy of Chris Dearing at North Park.

Doug Block – Photo

The Kids Grow Up director Doug Block has arrived to partake in some of North Buffalo’s finest chicken wings at Gabriel’s Gate in advance of his screening at North Park Theatre on July 21st.

The Royal Road – Photo

Readying to screen The Royal Road—our first screening at Dreamland Studio & Gallery—on May 26th, 2016.

Baba Yaga – Photo

Our first screening at Squeaky Wheel (a sell-out) with filmmaker Jessica Oreck participating in an audience Q&A after watching The Vanquishing of the Witch Baba Yaga on March 25th, 2016.

A Good American – Photo

The packed house at Burning Books after A Good American finished screeningon March 16th, 2016.

Olmo and the Seagull – Photo

Jordan introducing Olmo and the Seagull to our Canisius College crowd on March 1st, 2016.

Almost Holy at Burning Books – Photo

A crowded house at Burning Books before our screening of Almost Holy on February 24th, 2016.